Monday, November 3, 2008

A Toast to Old Drunk Guys..........

So today there's yet another poll up on some ("respectable") news site asking which candidate you'd rather have a beer with. That's like the 7th one I've seen throughout the election, and every single time I voted the same way. And this has nothing to do with politics or who I actually voted for in the booth.............but in that hypothetical pitcher-swiggin' scenario I'd definitely choose McCain. No question. All bullshit caricatures aside, he seems like a funny guy who's seen and done a lot and could drop some old school wisdom on you, while Obama seems like a genuinely uptight nerd that would have very few interesting stories to tell about his life. Let's be real for a minute....this is a guy who wrote and published not one, but TWO books about his life before he ever accomplished anything worth writing about, including becoming a senator, which as a general topic crams the memoir section of any bookstore enough to make the whole endeavor seem about as meaningful as changing a flat tire. Again, nothing to do with politics, that's just a self-important douchebag activity (like having a blog). McCain on the other hand was by all accounts a "wild party animal" in his teens and twenties who was in a war, flew planes, crashed planes (a lot), spent years as a POW, married and divorced like 17 different women who all happened to be models, hung out with presidents and dictators and warlords, got caught up in political scandals, is probably on the private list of every "washington madam", and by his own admission doesn't spend a lot of time on the internet.

Does any of that make him a good candidate for president? God no. Some of it makes him unelectable and probably a little mentally unstable. But that also describes most of the people I call my friends and prefer to drink my 151 with. And I damn sure wouldn't want any of those knuckleheads running the country, either.

So next time you see one of these goofy polls and wonder who the 23% is that went against the grain and voted for the old guy, just think of me passed out next to an empty box of bud with a dumb smile on my face.

On a serious note, I really do wish this election would never end. It's been hilarious and historic and I enjoyed every single horrible minute of it.


Vesper de Vil said...

I think Obama has a rich inner life. I think he'd be incredibly interesting to have a conversation with.

texasveteran said...

There is no question McCain's war stories alone would make him a better drinking buddy. I would love to have a beer with Obama, if I needed representation in getting a speeding ticket thrown out. Although, to be fair, McCain could probably take care of that too. I'm looking at you, Charles Keating.