Sunday, November 2, 2008

Analyze this..........

I had a lucid dream last night. It was awesome, as lucid dreams usually are. In the dream I was talkin' to my brother Lowkey and my homeboy Bosnian (huge departure from my real life) and a naked redhead that looked like my high school algebra teacher walked past on the sidewalk. Not only did I realize at this point that I was dreaming and got really excited about that fact, but I chose to also share this new info with my brother and Bosnian. Who, if you're keeping track so far, were not real. Only existed inside my dream. Okay. It went kinda like this:

Me: "Yeah man, we should go to the banana death camp dungaree conventi...........what the hell? Is that a naked lady?"

Dream Bosnian: "Where?"

Me: "Wait this can't be real. Am I dreaming? Ohhhh shit I'm dreaming! ha!"

Dream Lowkey: "What? You sound crazy right now banana death camp."

Me: "Nah mayne for real, check this out. If it wasn't a dream could I do this?"

*walks up to naked lady and punches her in the titty*

Me: "See?!? She just smiled. She don't even care. Females usually care when you do that, I heard. Anyway I didn't feel it either. DREAM!!"

*Dream Bosnian turns into huge lizard and tries to eat me while Dream Lowkey starts dancing in circles*

And then I flied away. Because really, what the fuck else are you gonna do in a lucid dream? Save the world? Just fly and get it over with.


LilyWrites said...

Thanks for my first comment ever! I'm excited, lol. And no problem,
"Writing Down the Bones" is a really great book, I've learned so much so far and I'm not even halfway done. I loved this post, haha. Dude, you have crazy dreams. But, I'm going to follow yours now as well. Keep writing:)

Mari said...

Haha! Funny dream. As far as an analysis goes...I couldn't offer much insight. Dreams are crazy like that.