Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Epic Quest of the Security Deposit.......

So in 2 and 1/2 weeks I'm gonna uproot my family and move them to Florida to get them set up down there before I go to the glacier cave to slay the ice worm (a.k.a. Navy boot camp in February). So needless to say we're about to start the fun part........moving. My wife was trying to remind me to call Budget Rental earlier, but there was a communication breakdown (all praises due to Plant).

What she said: "Call and ask about the dimensions of the storage space."

What I heard: "Call and ask about the midgets of the storage space."

I know it's crazy but for a minute I thought we had a troll problem. No offense to little people, ain't tryin' to play with offensive synonyms, all I'm sayin' is that for a split second I got excited and started brushin' up my riddle game. Thought I was about to embark on an oddysey.

I seriously forgot how to spell oddysey, woulda been completely lost without the spell-check. Some match I'd be for a 2,000 year old riddling troll. I was about to have to resort to phonetic spelling, which would have REALLY fucked me up even more. I wonder what the outcome would be if you phonetically spelled the word "phonetic"? Pretty phuckin' shocking, I bet.

Gotta go. My wife just brought home a puppy named "Barbie", so I gotta go in the bathroom and check if my balls are completely gone by now or just fading like Marty McFly's siblings on polaroids. Peace.

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