Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Random thoughts and brain misfires...............

- Louis C. K.'s new show on FX called "Louie" is already one of the best TV shows I've ever seen in my life, and it's only a few episodes in. The way they piece it together is amazing and hilarious. DVR that shit!

- If there was ever an expert on the look of disappointment on people's faces, it's the guy who stands at the exit door of a wax museum.

- A random amazing sentence from the Louise Erdrich novel I'm reading......."The clouds cover the horizon and within the mass, as the thing opens over us, we see the heart of the storm, the dark side of the anvil shot through with an electric lacery of light." I like her.

- I feel like I should own a cactus. I live in the desert. I feel like when you live in the desert you should have a cactus somewhere in your house, and maybe a southwestern style native-american blanket hanging over your couch. I think I'm gonna go get a cactus.

- Love is amazing. And by "Love" I mean the Aurther Lee 60's rock band. Actual love will ruin your life and murder everything you are inside. Which is usually when you start listening to down-tempo 60's psychedelic rock music like Love.

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