Saturday, July 3, 2010

ON AIR...........

It's okay, you can sit down if you need to, I understand how exciting this must be for everyone. Sandman has a new podcast! And he's, uhh.............he's by himself? WHY NOT!! Is it gonna be any good? WHO CARES!!! Just take the pill and ride the wave, people. We don't have much time.

The Basshead Jazz Podcast- Episode 1

Download Here


Lightspeed Champion- I Could Have Done This Myself
Local Natives- Wide Eyes
Queens of the Stone Age- Mexicola
Guided By Voices- Surgical Focus
Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Charlie Daniels- Ghost Riders on the Storm
Ian Brown- Keep What You Got
The Shins- Saint Simon
Cee-lo Green- You Don't Shock Me Anymore
Janelle Monae- Oh, Maker

Thank you for listening, seriously. Leave feedback and tips, large bills only. For all the old Speaker Madness fans, welcome back. To the new fans who have no idea what Speaker Madness was.............welcome to the shit.

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