Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The big question...........

Why another blog, Sandman?

Well, let's look at the other two blogs I've had.

Dirty Ass Aisles was kinda fun, and I did one funny interview that people all over the world still send me e-mails about with "LOL's" in 'em. And I got some sweet hot sauce out of the deal. But I only did it to get a job at a local publication that was lookin' for critics, and I needed SOME kind of resume or writing to show them. That failed predictably, and so now I don't do that blog anymore, cheifly because I hate critics and hated myself for pretending to be one, even for a little while.

Speaker Madness is great, it's only 5 episodes deep and already has hundreds of listeners and people seem to love it. That's not going anywhere soon. But the SM blog itself serves a single purpose, to post new episodes and polls and all things podcast-related. It's not my personal space for thinking and typing. It belongs to the other two hosts just as much as me, I just happened to have a blogspot account already.

So that's why I'm startin' this new blog for myself. I'm going into the Navy in exactly 3 months, and after that I'll be stationed on a ship somewhere, and after that I'll be stationed most likely in a foreign country. There's a lot of people who (for whatever masochistic reason) enjoy reading what I write on the internet, and while I do have a myspace page where I post regular blogs, I don't think it's fair to punish people by having to go to myspace to read them. Plus it's a music myspace page, and as my brother Lowkey says, "blogging is gay".........so I obviously can't have the gayness mixing with the hardcore rap image, cuz!! Blucker blucker!!

So basically what I'm saying is this is gonna be my outlet to the world for a while, it looks like. And I plan on updating pretty regularly. Not everyday, but enough for nobody to get bored and forget it exists. Post a comment if you're excited about that, or if you're ashamed of excitement, just post the title of your favorite made-for-TV movie.

Sandman a.k.a. Slick Talk a.k.a. Slick Moranis Honey I Shrunk the Haterssssssss


Anonymous said...

It's warm in here

Mz. TNT said...

This will be good baby. I know how much you like shoving your views on people. Hee hee for real. HAVE FUN !!!

Crew54 said...


Colin said...

Uh...probably "The Parent Trap III"