Friday, January 1, 2010

Onward through the fog and whatnot........... was a good decade, folks. Maybe not for you. But nobody wants to hear your stupid problems. This blog is about me and my incredible life. A time capsule, if you will, to be discovered in the future by aliens or Viggo Mortenson. And for me it was a good decade. I did what every American white male does in their teens and early 20's.........made a shitload of rap albums.

I also did other far less interesting things, like get married and have children. BOOOORING. Somewhere in between there I went to disneyworld too, I think.

I was a lot of things in the 00's. A fast food fry flipper, a photographer, a semi-successful semi-underground local rapper, a TX state employee, and most recently an air traffic controller in the US Navy. All of which put me in places I probably had no business being. As a state employee I frequently took "bathroom breaks" and snuck my way into Senate sessions, chillin' in the mezzanine looking about as out of place as Pat Buchanan at a Quincenera. As an usher for the Frank Erwin Center, I got to watch UT Longhorn football games ON the field, occasionally pretending to do my job. As a rapper I was able to open up for some of my childhood gangster rap heroes, like Bun B, Method Man, and the Hanson brothers. Don't ask me to explain that one. Now I spend my days in an air traffic control tower, telling planes full of people what to do, which should probably scare you into driving wherever you travel from now on.

I've lived in many places this decade. Austin, Jacksonville, Ship 11 in Great Lakes Navy boot camp, Pensacola, and Nevada. Coincidentally all places where far too many rednecks are walking around with guns.

In conclusion, I sincerely hope the 2010's bring us many new and exciting things. New friendships, inspiring art, better relations between cultures and nations, know...............robots we can have sex with.

Happy new year.