Saturday, January 24, 2009

Leave behind some green-eyed look-a-likes..........

My daughter goes crazy anytime "Single Ladies" comes on. Literally crazy. She can't even walk yet but she clearly tries to copy dance moves from that video. We have it on tape. She cries if someone changes the channel, and I've seen the great abyss of eternal darkness in her eyes if you're so rude as to talk during her theme song. It's like living in that twilight episode where the kid with magic powers controls the whole town. She just turned 1 last week. When I get mad at her for doing something bad, she kisses me. She's a lot like her mother.

My son on the other hand loves the Fleet Foxes album, probably because I forced it on him and everyone else in my life in 2008, but regardless........he legitimately loves it, and has commented many times on the empyrean CrosbyStillsNash-ian (his word) harmonies and poetic lyricism. I might have made that last part up. He's just 2 years old, but either way I have a feeling we'll still be talkin' about "blue ridge mountains" when he's 42. It's one of those. He also can count to 10 and wakes me up at 5 in the morning to take walks for no apparent reason. Earlier today I pointed out a bird in a tree and he said "Get down here bird, I'm gonna eat you!" I'm very proud of him.

When I run miles on the track everyday to get ready for boot camp and I feel like I can't go any farther, I just say their names over and over until I'm done. In 7 days, I'm leaving both of them for 6 months.

Anybody got a gun? Anybody? No? Thanks anyway. I'll be fine. Probably not.


Gem said...

This is a nice post. That Twilight episode is one that after I saw it, I pretended I never saw it and that was that.

I love that your son wakes you up for walks.

How is your wife feeling about being away from you for 6 months?

Sandman said...

@ Gem

She's a Navy brat so she knows the deal already, but she's also a cryer so I'm ready for that, lol.

SouthBound's one and only fan said...

I'll miss you to, Mr. Sandman.

SouthBound fo' Life!!1

Anonymous said...

seeing as you like fleet foxes. check this out on Uk's bbc radio 1 live lounge.

good luck to ya too